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Forged in Fire

Who we are

Forged in 2018 in the depths of the Metal and Alternative Music scene, Choco Works rises as a bespoke, home-grown venture rooted in Paisley, Scotland. Our craft thrives in the alchemical fusion of the finest chocolate and ingredients, birthing extraordinary brownies and cookies. But our canvas extends beyond taste, as we seek to amplify and promote underground Alternative Artists through our digital pulpit, inviting rebels and renegades to savour the uncharted realms of creative defiance.

With a trove of awards adorning our journey, our tantalising brownies and impeccable service beckon you to embrace a voyage towards absolute perfection.

Trusted Hands

Our Awards

We have been privileged enough to receive numerous awards for our products and services.
unbeatable flavour

Our Creations

View our full compendium of flavours and their descriptions below.

The Original (GF)

If you are new to Choco Works this brownie is the perfect one for you. With a soft, fudgy centre and a crisp top to it, these brownies provide tha tperfect amount of "bite" whilst you indulge yourself in the rich flavours that we have brought to this classic treat

Biscoff Caramel

With lashings of decadent salted caramel, delicious Biscoff spread filling, and topped with crumbled Biscoff biscuits, these exquisite brownies are a fantastic crowd-pleaser and are one of our most popular flavours.

Kinder Bueno

Experience a taste sensation as the lightness of the Kinder Bueno and Nutella chunks perfectly compliments the richness of our chocolate brownies. We even added an additional layer of Nutella and crushed Kinder Bueno on top.

Salted Caramel (GF)

Send your taste buds wild with our original-flavour brownies filled with our home-made salted caramel, and see why these brownies won Great Taste Awards in 2022 and were nominated for the finals of the Great British Food Awards in 2021.

Oreo Cream

These brownies are filled with chunky Oreo pieces and topped with a thick layer of white chocolate and Oreo cookies n’ cream ganache.


Not only are these brownies filled with chunks of Malteser Chocolate bars and chocolate spread, these ludicrous brownies are topped with even more chocolate spread and a full bed of crushed Maltesers. This is a flavour that is not to be missed.

Triple Choc (GF)

The ultimate chocolate experience, these brownies are filled to the brim with white, dark, and milk chocolate chips, and topped with white chocolate spread. We even topped these with additional chocolate shavings for good measure.

White Choc (GF)

Complimenting our already-delicious rich chocolate brownie recipe, these delights are filled with seemingly endless amounts of white chocolate spread, chunky white chocolate chips, then topped with even more white chocolate spread and white chocolate.

The "Brookie"

With streaks of our own cookie dough recipe and packed with the chunkiest chocolate chips, this one will prove popular for those of you with an extremely sweet tooth.

Choc Chip Cookies

Our latest creation, these cookies are rich, buttery, and packed with ridiculous amounts of chocolate chunks. 

Exclusive Range

Limited Time Offerings

Take a look at some of our limited-time creations for special calendar events throughout the year. More will come along soon....

Easter Bundle (GF)

When it comes to celebrating the resurrection of a corpse, there's nothing better than celebrating with Mini Eggs. Our Easter brownies are filled with Cadbury's Mini Eggs, white chocolate spread, and topped with Mini Eggs and dark chocolate drizzle.

Brownie Christmas Puds

Still using our signature brownie recipe, these Christmas pudding-shaped deserts feature a salted caramel filling, white chocolate topping, and sugared Christmas holly. Perfect served warm with a bit of ice cream.


How does it work?

Unsure of how to order? Follow these three steps and you will be blessed...

Follow us

We open our orders exclusively for a few days once a month. Visit our Facebook or Instagram page and "Follow" us to be notifed as soon as our order books are open.

Place Your Order

The Online Shop will appear on our website once orders are open. Simply select your brownie/cookie box and flavours and follow the remaining steps. 

Order Dispatch

After the monthly sale is closed, we will begin baking your order and will aim to dispatch within 2-3 working days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy your products?

We sell our brownies for UK-wide delivery once a month directly via our social media pages. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to be notified of our next sale.

We also regularly supply to the following businesses:
Caffé Royale
Café 77

Why can't I place an order outside of your monthly order times?

We understand that our brownies can be quite addictive. As we are a very small business and have separate lives being slaves to the corporate machine, we can only dedicate so much time to crafting our brownies. We hope that this will change some day in the future.


We certainly do. You can view our wholesale information via the following link.

Do you offer gluten-free options?

Absolutely. Any of our flavour options listed as "(GF)" are gluten-free as standard.

Can I order from anywhere in the UK?

Yes. We can dispatch to most places across the mainland United Kingdom via courier and we charge just £2.99 for this service.

When can I expect my order?

Once your order has been placed and our monthly sale has closed, we will prepare your order and will aim to dispatch within 2-3 working days via tracked courier. 

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