What We Do

Chocolate is our passion, and we pour as much of that passion into our brownies as possible. Using only the finest chocolate and highest-quality ingredients, we create some of the richest, chocolaty, and most decadent brownies that you will have ever experienced. 

Why Choose Us?

Guaranteed perfect brownies. Most brownies out there are either small, bland, dry, or a combination of any of those, and it's almost impossible to know exactly what you're getting! Our brownies are properly chunky, full of flavour, and have the perfect combination of moistness with just a hint of "bite" to them. Just take a look at one of our brownies next to one of our leading competitors' brownies to see what we mean...

As we're so confident in our brownies and their quality, we have our "Every Bite Guarantee", which you can find further information about here.

We have also attained several prestigious awards and accolades which you can see here:

Gluten-Free Options

Our gluten-free brownies are made using a completely gluten-free recipe, and we make sure that the chocolate we use does not include any "may contain gluten" warnings. Although we cannot guarantee a 100% gluten-free environment due to our production methods, we take extra care by thoroughly cleaning all our kitchen equipment and surfaces, and we always bake our gluten-free brownies completely separately from our regular brownies.

Vegan Options

Hold tight! We are currently experimenting with and perfecting our vegan brownie recipe, so follow our social media channels for future updates on this!