Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my brownies last?

We dispatch your brownies the next available working day after baking and once you have received your brownies, they can last up to 7-10 days at room temperature and up to 14 days if kept in the fridge. You can even freeze them for up to 6 weeks if you want to save them for a later date.

When will I receive my brownies?

As we are a small business and demand can be high, please allow for up to 2-3 working days for us to process your order. Once they are dispatched, your brownies will arrive the next working day with DPD. For full information about delivery, please visit our Delivery FAQ’s page here.

What ingredients do you use?

We use only the finest and freshest ingredients for your brownies, including Lion Standard Free-Range eggs, and Callebaut Chocolate. All of our brownies are handmade in our kitchen in Paisley.

Why do you sell off-cuts separately?

To ensure our brownies fit inside our packaging and to make sure that you are getting only the gooiest and richest parts of the brownie tray, we trim the edge pieces as these tend to be baked a bit more intensely than the brownies towards the center of the tray. However, if you are a fan of these edge pieces, you can order a bag of them, helping us to minimise waste and means that you get even more brownies for yourself!

Do you offer vegan options?

We are currently experimenting with vegan versions of our most popular brownie flavours, so they are on their way soon! We first want to ensure that these match as closely as possible to the perfect taste and texture of our original recipe before we release them. Follow us on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages to be the first to know when these are announced.

Any allergens?

Although we do not use any nuts in our brownies, there may still be traces found in some of our suppliers’ ingredients. All of our standard brownie recipes contain eggs, wheat, with potential traces of nuts, and some flavours will contain milk within the milk chocolate (dependent on topping). A full list of ingredients and allergens for each brownie flavour can be found on the individual product pages and will be provided on a card with your order.

We do also have gluten-free options and we ensure that none of the ingredients we use contain any "may contain gluten" warnings. However, please note that whilst we do ensure the highest cleaning standards to avoid cross-contamination with gluten items, there may still be minute traces of gluten in our brownies due using the same preparation areas as our regular brownies.